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Gotthard base tunnel

Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group takes part in the construction of the world's longest railway tunnel

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Exciting TV documentary about the RBT project "Refurbishment Glatscherastunnel"

Rhomberg Bahntechnik works currently on an interesting construction project „ARGE TUSA Glatscherastunnel“ in the region of Graubünden (Albulatal) in Switzerland where an old tunnel owned by the „Rhätischen Bahn“ needs to be refurbished.

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Sersa Switzerland: Additional milestone in achieving network access

Another success for Sersa Group AG: the Swiss Federal Department for Traffic (BAV) has now also issued the safety certificate (part A and part B) in accordance with VO EU 1158/2000 to this company of the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group.

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